Looking for miracle stories

It was late yesterday afternoon, and I was returning home from walking my dogs Shadow and Lulu. It is a ritual that happens daily, no matter what the weather. The dogs need to walk. It is what they know. It is what we do.

The sun was out, and I was approximately halfway through the walk when I heard it. The sound was the all too familiar, “THUMP, THUMP, THUMP,” of the rotor blades. I did what I always do. I stopped, and I waited.

As I looked up into the horizon I could see the Flight for Life helicopter slowly making its way through the sky. I watched as it moved with deliberate purpose; headed to some unknown location to pick up a very sick child. My stomach dropped, because I knew at that moment someone’s life was different. Something was happening to someone else, and I felt sad. I bowed my head and said a small prayer for the family of the child that would soon be inside the helicopter.

I hoped for strength for the parents and hoped that they realized the type of person that was coming to get their family member. I wanted to tell them to be confident in the team’s abilities. I have met the people who transport the very sick, and I knew their determination, their knowledge and their compassion. I knew that they would be doing their very best to safely take the child to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin where a team of doctors, nurses and caregivers would work tirelessly to make him or her well. It is what they know. It is what they do.

Dave, Kevin and I have been given the rare opportunity to take a glimpse into the world of this wonderful facility. We have experienced first hand how this hospital takes care of children. In fact, this hospital is not just experienced in taking care of children, it takes care of families. People go to work for Children’s Hospital for one reason – they love children. The children are their driving force.

Year after year we have met many of the young patients, and we have been touched by them all. They face various challenges and degrees of illnesses. We have learned that they are the teachers, and they have unbelievable strength and courage. The wisdom they display in dealing with their situation is inspirational.

It is through the kids that our listeners learn of the wonders of this wonderful hospital. We could not hold our Miracle Marathon without their stories. It is because of their stories that the city of Milwaukee has raised more than 11 million dollars in just a short number of years. During the marathon, May 20, 21 and 22, we will again ask our listeners to contribute. We need to keep this facility in “our backyard” so that others can benefit from it.

We ask your help in this endeavor. If you or your child would like to tell your story, we would love to hear it. We know that it could be difficult, but it is the stories that fuel the three days. It is a very special gift we are asking you to share. Will it be difficult? Yes. Could you get emotional? Yes. Please know that we will try to make it as easy as possible.

Won’t you help and join us May 20, 21 or 22? You can contact Erin Hareng at EHareng@chw.org if you’d like to share your story.

Thank you.
Carole Caine
96.5 WKLH

Dave and Carole host the Miracle Marathon each year on WKLH. Read Dave’s guest blog.


Looking for miracle stories — 1 Comment

  1. Hi! Your blog was beautiful…it brought tears to my eyes! Thank you for sharing…

    We would love to help out and share our story. Feel free to visit our babysite and dig into our journal’s for Aidyn’s story.

    I’m not sure how much direct help that we can give. We live in Madison and would be more than willing to come over to Milwaukee to tell our story…thing is we would only be available after 6:00 (the time we could be in Milwaukee by…) on Wednesday and Thursday and after 12:30 on Friday. Let me know if any of those times work out and if you would like us to come on over.

    Thank you SO MUCH for all that you are doing for Children’s. We have personally felt the incredible experience that Children’s gives you. It was in tough circumstances and there is no other place in the world that we wanted to weather that storm. We jumped through hoops and fought the insurance battles to have the opportunity to be there…and we don’t regret the fight for a single second. We have a world-class facility in our backyard (the American Family Children’s Hospital at the UW…) but when it came to our baby’s heart Children’s was the place that we needed to be and we are unbelievably lucky to have been able to go there.

    We will be back…We have at least two more surgeries in our future…and we KNOW that we will move heaven and earth to make them happen at Children’s with Dr. Mitchell.

    It’s hard to think about your child’s future when you know that the road will be so rough…but with Children’s in the picture it makes that future a bit brighter.

    We welcome the opportuniy to help…just let us kow if you need us!